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The doctor was also surprised 43 times the corona test report of a 72-year-old elderly was positive, the elderly said, now let me die

London. One such case of Long Covid has come to light in Britain, due to which even doctors are surprised. A 72-year-old man living in Bristol is corona infected for 10 months. He had a corona test 43 times. Every time the report came positive. This is the first case of Long Kovid in Britain.

According to the BBC report, the name of the infected person is Dave Smith. He is a retired driving instructor. After being infected with Corona, he had to be admitted to different hospitals seven times. In an interview given to the BBC, Smith told how the virus was present in his body for so many days and how it affected his body.

Smith said, ‘My energy was completely reduced. One night I coughed continuously for 5 hours. I had given up all my hopes. I told all my family members that just let me die now. Don’t take me to the hospital.’

Smith said, ‘I told my wife, Lynn, to let me go. I feel trapped in myself. This has now gone from bad to worse. I calmly said goodbye to everyone. At the same time, Lin said, ‘At times we felt that Smith would not be able to prolong the troubles.’

Smith was treated with a combination of anti-viral drugs. Now he got the news from his doctor that his report has come negative. After this, the doctors advised to take the test once again after stopping for a week. The family did the same and a week later their report came negative. Smith will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

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