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Australia cancels China’s BRI agreement, many other countries may back out of the project

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement of Australia’s separation from the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project has come as a shock.

Many other countries, along with Australia, may also be different from this project. In fact, due to increasing military presence in the name of projects and imposing many arbitrary conditions, most of the countries involved are now feeling trapped.

The Australian BRI agreement was canceled by Australian PM Scott Morrison. Foreign Minister Maris Penn said that the agreement was rescinded using the forne-veto provision made under the Commonwealth laws.

In addition, China had deployed troops in the name of security in the ongoing project in the African country of Djibouti. Now the presence of the army can increase there. By sensing this cunning, some African countries can withdraw from BRI.

Controversial Terms: Cannot tell even if I took a loan from China
While many of the terms of the BRI agreement are considered controversial, China has decided these in its interests. According to the Georgetown University of America, many conditions are such that loaned countries from China can also publicly state that they have taken loan.

Meaning of cancellation of agreement
The agreement was signed between the two countries for cooperation in industrial production, biotechnology and agriculture. Its cancellation will have an impact on all three areas.
China’s BRI project will be difficult to maintain
After Australia, other countries associated with it may withdraw or delay in implementing the agreement.
Pending the BRI, this burden will also fall on Beijing.

China fires
China has termed Australia’s decision as a negative step. It has also said that this will sour bilateral relations. China’s leading diplomat Cheng Jingye blamed Australia for the deteriorating relations between the two countries. However, since April 2020, the relationship between the two countries is deteriorating.

Protest in the European Union as well
China, along with the European Union, has been growing increasingly concerned about the persecution of Uyghur Muslim minorities in Hong Kong and China. He recently imposed restrictions on many officials, representatives, ambassadors and people of academia here.

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