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Palestine President’s big statement, peace cannot happen until Israeli occupation is removed

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians continues. Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held a phone conversation with US President Joe Biden. In which he appealed to Israel to intervene in the ongoing conflict and put an end to the attacks on Palestine. According to information received on Saturday, Abbas told President Biden that peace cannot be established here until Israeli occupation is removed from the area.

During the talks, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told US President Joe Biden that the people of Palestine want peace. In such a situation, he is also ready to accept international arbitration on this issue.

At the same time, the US President has also emphasized on reducing violence and establishing peace in the western region.

According to the information, during this time, the situation is such that neither Israel is ready to retreat nor Hamas is attacking from the Palestinian side. Mediation has been attempted by some countries, but no results are seen.

Negotiations between the US and the Palestinians

Also, US President Joe Biden raised concerns about the safety of citizens and journalists over a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, an Israeli airstrike on Saturday destroyed a tall building in Gaza City that housed the offices of the Associated Press and other media outlets.

A tremendous war between Israel and Hamas

Let us tell you that a tremendous fight is going on between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas. Hamas has been rocketing Israel since May 10, and Israel is responding to it with swift air strikes. In Gaza, Israel is selectively targeting Hamas targets. For this, he has also removed his army on the border.

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